Jeremy Baum

Lost River Jams

Flying Yak Records

Jeremy Baum, Hammond Organ; Chris Vitarello, Tony Velez, Bill Perry, guitar; Ernesto "Ernie Colón, drums; Malcolm Gold, bass; Buddy Allen, tenor sax;

This is hardly Jazz, more like Rhythm and Blues. 11 tunes that start with "Take a Walk" written by Jeremy Baum. Not a good choice for the first tune on the CD. Ernesto Colón chose to use the very boring rock beat on the drums, very uncreative. That beat was used through-out the CD

I did manage to listen to the rest of the CD and it got a little better, thanks to the innovative talents of Chris Vitarello, but overall I think the group needs more woodsheding. My opinion and I am entitled to it.

by Haybert K. Houston