Jo Jones

The Everest Years

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Jo Jones, drums; Ray Bryant, piano; Tom Bryant, bass; Harry "Sweets" Edison, trumpet; Jimmy Forest, tenor sax; Bennie Green, trombone; Tommy Flanagan, piano; Tommy Potter, bass

From the Liner Notes: Although he played on literally thousands of sessions, and was possibly the most influential drummer of the 20th Century, the rock of the early Count Basie band and the father of modern drumming recorded only a few solo albums in his 60 year career. His two recordings as a leader for the eclectic Everest label in the late 50's are the stuff of legend.

What a pleasure it is to listen to a master drummer. I could have said THE master drummer, for Jo Jones certainly qualified. Born October 7, 1911 in Chicago and died September 3, 1985 in New York, NY, Jo spent 60 years horning his craft. According to the All Music Guide to Jazz he is responsible for shifting the timekeeping role of the drums to the hi-hat cymbal. That is all apparent on this reissue of two of Jones' recordings, Jo Jones Trio 1958 and Jo Jones - Vamp 'Til Ready 1960.

To this day I can not think of a drummer that possesses the brush skill he displayed when playing which is demonstrated on this CD. This is a must for collectors.

by Haybert K. Houston