Joni Mitchell


Joni Mitchell, composer, vocals.

Singer, songwriter, poet, artist; this unclassifiable Canadian offers a seventeen-track compilation of her own work. All the songs have been released before, and they all have the theme of love running through them in different ways to make a fascinating collection. Joni is a progressive risk taker; bold enough to stretch herself and one is never quite sure what is going to happen next. "The Jungle Line" states ambiguously an awakening sense of awareness over the sound of jungle drums. "You Turn Me On I'm A Radio," "Carey," "Big Yellow Taxi" strike a more wistful tone; "Come In From The Cold," "Amelia," "For The Roses," and "Both Sides Now," the last three with orchestral backing, speak of sadness and regret. Dreamland is a good title for the set. Joni pens excellent words, her music is innovative, often compelling and touches the heart. A first rate CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin