Rhonda Clark

You Touch Me

DSP.Music Recording Company 1006

There are no liner notes in the CD sent for review other than a brief promotional paragraph and nothing about the accompanying musicians. Only vocalist Rhonda Clark and the producer, Wali Umrani, are credited

The opening cut is a revision cover of "Tonight Is The Night," with an R&B flavored ballad style adequately delivered by vocalist Rhonda Clark with a nice mix of background vocals. Clark really lets loose on "Dr. Feel Good," a raunchy blues tune which is improvised with good emotion and excellent vocal phrasing. Clark gives "My Funny Valentine" an over-the-top emotional wallop with a moaning style and high notes effectively rendered. An interesting take on the tune "Let's Make Love" showcases Clark's illuminating voicing. One of the highlights is the title cut "You Touch Me" which has a throbbing drum background and what sounds like overdubbing of Clark's voice in the mix (composition of this tune is attributed to Clark and the producer, Umrani). "Thanks For My Dad" (written by Clark) relates to meeting her biological father at nine years old and is a heartfelt tribute. On "No More Rain," Clark's vocal structure creates an emotional fervor. "Come Back" is done in a style reminiscent of Nancy Wilson in a captivating manner. The final cut, "Goodbye," is a cornucopia of sounds with Clark"s fascinating vocals overlaying the riveting rhythm.

This is a satisfying effort and Clark possesses a tremendous voice that she uses effectively. Her songwriting skills are admirably displayed on ten of the songs. There were a couple of tunes, which were not that interesting, but for a CD with twelve cuts, that's not bad. As it says on the back cover, file under "Rhythm and Blues."

by Dorothy Hill