Susan Getz

Jazz Boxx

Honeymoon; The Long and Winding Road; Say Goodbye to Love; That's All; Come Together; I Need Your Love So Bad; Peace Dream; Cry Me a River; My Buddy; I Fall in Love Too Easily; The Birthday Song for Caroline; Song for My Lover Total Time:51:00

I enjoyed this new recording from San Francisco vocalist Susan Getz very much. Getz has a style that is for the most part understated - her promotional material describes her as singing with "economy," following Miles Davis's advice to "not worry about playing a lot of notes; just find one pretty one." She does this quite well, without a lot of flash or bravado. Moreover, her voice is delicate and gentle - yet it would be a mistake to call it frail or weak. While at first blush she may not have a big range technically, her approach is deceptively simple. she effectively held my attention throughout the 12 songs on this CD. She knows exactly what material to sing and how to find the right tone for each piece, evoking exactly the right emotion in every case. Her voice is in turns warm, vulnerable, seductive, touching, and witty.

Getz and her sidemen (also effective, talented, and understated) fit well together as they cover 4 originals, 4 classic standards, and 4 more contemporary pop pieces. She covers Paul McCartney's "The Long and Winding Road" without the sappy sensibility of the Beatles version, and her rendition of John Lennon's "Come Together" is a highlight of the album for me. Very original, creative, and well done. Recommended.

by Howard Feldstein