Doug MacLeod
Whose Truth, Whose Lies
AudioQuest Music AQ-CD1054

Doug MacLeod, guitar and vocals; Denny Croy, bass; Dave Kida, drums; Rich Del Grosso, mandolin; James Harmon, harmonica; Janiva Magness, vocals; Terry Evans, vocals; Ray Williams, vocals.

The title cut is a politically charged tune as its title would imply with MacLeod's rich vocals telling the tale. "Plaquemine" has an infectious melody spiced by mandolin from Rich Del Grasso. The bass beat on "Norfolk County Line" carries this rollicking tune along with MacLeod shouting in the background. MacLeod gets real bluesy on the tune "St. Louis On My Mind" in a slow self-composed version that emphasizes his rich vocal style and pretty good guitar work. The liner notes state that if you think "Sweet Ride" is about a car, you are in a world of trouble and this tune has that raw, racy feel to it. The last few cuts lean more heavily to country blues but there is enough variety in this offering to make it worthwhile listening and MacLeod's guitar performance is outstanding.

This is country blues with a tinge of folk influence, or as MacLeod paraphrases Big Bill Broonzy in the liner notes, "I guess it's folk blues, 'cause I ain't never heard a horse sing." Whatever it is, it's satisfyin'!

By Dorothy Hill

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