Brenda Boykin and Eric Swinderman - Conversations in TimeBrenda Boykin and Eric Swinderman

Conversations in Time

Belle Productions

Brenda Boykin, vocals; Eric Swinderman, guitar; Ron Belcher, acoustic bass ; John Hanes, drums; Babatunde Lea, Raul Ramirez, percussion; Charles Mcneal, Bobby Tynes, saxophone; AustindeLone, keybords

Two CDs, the first with the lady and the gent and guest musicians, the second presenting the lady accompanied by Eric Swinderman, alone. And how wonderful they both are. I have never heard of Brenda Boykin, or Eric Swinderman, but what a shame. The lady sings with such strong authority, with never a moment of doubt or lack of control. After a fairly straight Mood Indigo, Ms Boykin gives us a Blue Moon that will blow you away. Swinderman does Monk's Well You Needn't, working at a cantering, flippy gait with one of the percussionists, and it is pure joy. The lady will then Love You For Sentimental Reasons, with Bobby Tynes on sax wafting all around her.

The second CD is something else. We are in back-porch country. Boykin and Swinderman do some country blues. There will be an old guy, aged around ninety, sitting and a'chewin' and tapping his foot. Kids will be staring wide-eyed at the performers and swaying to the sound. Swinderman is a master of country blues guitar, and his lady here is someone who knows how to give just that right touch of authenticity. This is frankly gorgeous stuff. Their rendering of You Were Always On My Mind make us all believe that there really once was a love to remember. The lady sings with a powerful, clear diction, the man must have started playing guitar only moments after birth. There are not enough stars to rate this Jazz and Blues double. Please go straight out and buy it. It is wonderful.

by LawrenceBrazier

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