David Gibson


Nagel Heyer Records 2018

David Gibson, trombone; John Sneider, trumpet, flugelhorn; Wayne Escoffery, tenor sax; Jeremy Manasia, piano; Dwayne Burno, bass; Peter Hartman, bass; Tony Leone, drums.

Touchy, feely guys these. This is music to sigh too. " Big John" starts us off with laid back well balanced playing; it is a pity they preferred the fade-out and not to go for a finish. Some of the numbers are more up-beat - but we never let out hair down or exceed tasteful dynamics. The players give good rounded solos most suitable for music with the aura of a spiritual mission. I liked particularly "What's New," David Gibson haunts a clear mellow trombone in this fine solo; and John Sneider plays a calm-toned horn in "New Level" - I would have liked to hear more from him - David Gibson takes the lion's share of the solo work throughout. "Maya" lilts along warmly with caring exchanges twixt trombone, trumpet, sax and piano. "Snide Remarks" has good harmonic ensemble playing. Here are seven musicians in touch, always in control - they must have felt really good playing this music. Having friends to dinner? This is the music that should be playing when they arrive.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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