Dutch Jazz Orchestra ­ Jerry van Rooijen

Billy Strayhorn and Standards

Challenge records ­ CHR 70090

Jerry van Rooyen, leader; Ack van Rooyen, trumpet/flugelhorn; Jan Oosthof, Ruud Breuls, Peter van Soest, Jan Hollander, Jan Wessels, trumpet; Martijn Sohier, Ilja Reijngoud, Hansjörg Fink, Ben van Dijk, trombone; Albert Beltman alto/clarinet; Hans Meijdam, alto; John Ruocco, tenor/clarinet; Toon Roos, Ab Schaap, tenor; Nils van Haften, baritone/bass clarinet, Rob van Bavel, piano; Jan Voogd, Franz van der Hoeven, bass; Eric Ineke, Martijn Vink; Arlia de Ruyter, Mieke Honingh, violin; Eric Korthals Altens, viola; Olaf Groesz, cello; Marjorie Barnes, vocals

We have fourteen Billy Strayhorn charts from between 1941 to 1962, offered in the lush surroundings supplied by The Dutch Jazz Orchestra. This is largely music to dance and smooch to, and every single one of these numbers is a standard that most of us will have known for years. There must have been a great many romances built around these tunes, and the orchestra does them all with a fine sense of aplomb and sincerity. The solos are all run through with a perfectly professional sense of decorum. Ack van Roojen will possibly be known to fans in theUS, and his golden-glow trumpet and flugelhorn are given a few outings. We liked Marjorie Barnes especially on "Lover Man," which she takes slow and slightly off-centre from straight. So, it's back to the ballroom, backed by an orchestra of exemplary quality. Recommended for those who still likely to say "Darling, they're playing our song."


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