Jake Reichbart

Long Ago And Far Away

Sandrine's Music

Jake Reichbart, solo guitar

A great wailing will go up, and there will be a gnashing of teeth among the strum and riff crowd, for here is a guy who can pick melody. Note for note, on the button. You could learn the Great American Songbook from Jake Reichbart - get it all down and get it on.

Superlatives are somehow not apt because he makes it sound so easy. Judging by this man's apparently effortless ability he would look amazed at any praise, in a sort of "...aw shucks, you guys, everyone can do this, can't they?" Well, of course, not everyone knows their way around the guitar the way Jake does. One imagines the man to be the obvious first choice for studio work. The improvisations are perfectly logical extensions of the themes.

There is feeling and depth - this is unreal, genius sans sweat. So you spend a few dollars and you get over an hour of quite marvelous music. For simply everyone, except for any other guitarist with shaky confidence.

by Lawrence Brazier

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