Rosario De Marco


Move ­ MD 341

Rosario De Marco, guitar

Given the amount of blood that has mixed with the waters of theMediterranean, it is hardly surprising that the music of those countries fringing it, and despite often gorgeous coastal landscapes, is generally whimsical, full of attitude, uptight or just plain sad. There seems little in the way of pure joy, and certainly nothing approaching exultation. Still, this CD is none the worse for all that. Rosario De Marco is a master guitarist who also has the capacity to compose. And there are some really excellent compositions on this CD. The exemplary guitar playing brings forth much of the flavor of this watery blob that has occupied so much of our history. We suppose one could call this contemporary folk music in the strictest sense of the word. The moods and associations are all here. We thought "Dune" (track 8), which is chock-a-block with subtle melody, remarkable. On the other hand, the longer you listen to the CD as a whole, the more melody is revealed. This not a Jazz recording, but we found it nevertheless irresistible. As Duke said "There are only two kinds of music...!" Quite enchanting.

by LawrenceBrazier

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