Vince Benedetti meets Diana Krall


TCB 22182

Vince Benedetti, trombone, Yamaha DX-7, Diana Krall, vocals, piano; Martien Oster, vocals, guitar; Christoff Sprenger, bass; Alberto Canonico, drums

The debate about whether Diana Krall really swings can be easily answered when you listen to her cooking on the recently released Paris date. This CD represents Diana Krall's formative years, and she is pictured here looking impossibly young. Her determination, however, is just as impossible to ignore. That Ms Krall is as much, if not more, a pianist than she is a singer must by now be common knowledge and her romping solo on the opening track shows what she is capable of. Vince Benedetti plays smooth trombone and he also swings. All of the numbers presented here are from his pen in their entirety. Martien Oster provides the sort of guitar backing and solos that were to show the way for Krall's later recordings. Again, the strength is in the lady's piano playing. "My Love" has the making of a hit (maybe it was and I missed it). Many of Benedetti's tunes show inspired melodic construction. The guy should be better known. All in all a recording for Krall fans.

by LawrenceBrazier

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