Ordinary ManBob Bangerter

Ordinary Man

Grove House Records 49242-2

Bob Bangerter, acoustic and electric guitars; Michael Ruff, keyboards, Hammond B3 Organ, Hohner Clavinet and lead vocal; David Inamine, fretless, upright and electric bass; Garin Poliahu, drums; Lenny Castro, percussion; Fred Schreuders, guitar; Cornelius Bumpus, Marc Russo, David Choy, Rock Hendricks, saxophones; Neida Bequette, Kelly Covington, Fulton Tashombe, Eric Gilliom, Maurice Bega, background vocals; Slyde Hyde, trombone; John Chudoba, Mike Lewis, trumpet; Kimo Cornwell, keyboard; Pat Simmons, guitar; George Tavoularis, keyboard

This is the fourth outing for Bob Bangerter. His other three CDs are: Playing the Right Thing; Looking at the Bright Side; and Blue Groove. Of the ten tracks on Ordinary Man, Bob Bangerter had a hand in the composition of all of them.

The second track, "Jonnny's Talkin'" had me up and boogying right away. This is bound to become a popular track because it has one of those melodies with a bass lines that you want to listen to over and over.

There are some excellent musicians involved with this project. I am impressed with the cohesiveness of the groups. The twenty-two or so instrumentalists and singers are arranged in different configurations on the ten tunes. Each musician makes his contribution in a polished and effective way. I reviewed Bob's Blue Groove in the March 2000 edition of Jazz Now and said "I like the way the group plays together, always playing WITH yet never overshadowing each other." Well, that's is also true here.

This is a fun CD. Bob Bangerter has proven to be a innovator in this art form.

by Haybert K. Houston

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