Candy Dulfer

Right In My Soul

Eagle Records

Candy Dulfer, vocals, alto saxophone; Maceo Parker, alto saxophone; Michel Van Schie, electric bass, space bass; Alan Taylor, double bass

Dutch alto saxophone player Candy Dulfer was given creative freedom by her new label, Eagle Records, and she made good use of it; fusing together various ambient sounds and techniques with a sure hand and boundless confidence. Singing and playing alto sax she mixes Funk, Pop, R&B, and Jazz; overlaid with voice commentaries into a synthesized ethereal mix of experiences. She accompanies her singing voice on sax with some flair; "It's My Life", for example. There is often an overall dream feel to the sounds and complexities that make up her music. "Freak Out" and "Let Me Show You" are good examples of her vision with the arrangements; bass, drums, electronics, her voice and saxophone slotted into a seamless, blended, fusion. The Jazz element is not always particularly prominent; it would be good to hear her play with some straight a head Jazz musicians, my guess would be that she would do very well.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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