Freddy Cole

In The Name Of Love


Freddy Cole, vocals; various musicians and additional singers

Pretty smooth stuff this, and the guy is right on with his material. Jason Miles is the producer and contributes on keyboards, synthesizer and piano. The tunes are all of a piece ­ love, love and love again. Jane Monheit is a welcome addition on "In The Name Of Love" (track 4). One track seems to flow seamlessly into the next. The mood remains constant, the sentiment unchanging. Nobody gets uppity until Cassandra Reed chips in with a little funk on track 7, "Save A Little Time For Me", when the rhythm gets compulsive and Jay Beckstein wails gently on soprano. "Lady Love" comes off very well, and Cole gives it the hip touch it requires. Gentle, reminiscing, conversational in content ­ this one is for the guy who is already dimming the lights when his date shows up.

by Lawrence Brazier

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