Gene Cook

Late Blooming Jazz Man

Gene Therapy Records GTR 1001-2

Gene Cook, vocals; Ben Di Tosti, piano; Jack Bruce, bass; Dick Weller, drums

First, let's get some atmosphere and set the scene; you will need a comfortable sweater, your favorite well-worn armchair, slippers, and a pipe would be a good accessory, just to hold or chew the end, a glass of something nearby; now slouch. Take it away Gene; how can he fail? Songs by Kern, Gershwin, Porter, Loesser, Mercer, that's more than enough to be getting on with.

Gene does not sound like a spring chicken, he does not mean to; he is of an earlier vintage, before the leather was replaced by plastic. This is his first CD, and he makes it a pleasant, friendly experience; drawing us in to a gentle intimacy that is enormously effective to certain age groups. Then we have the Ben Di Tosti trio; Jack Bruce on bass and Dick Weller on drums do just enough to be perfect. Ben on piano is superb; a lyrical, melodic player of the highest caliber, weaving intricate, delicate patterns that really satisfy. In fact, his accompaniment is so good I am obliged to promote him to equal partner on this set. This CD of standards has all the usual aspects of its genre. It will place no demands on you. It will calm a troubled heart. Women will purr.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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