Greg Abate


IWS 6013-2

Greg Abate, alto, tenor, soprano, baritone saxophones, flute; James Williams, piano; Harvey S, bass; Billy Hart, drums

This guy has been hovering somewhere at the back of our awareness for a very long time. Greg Abate is one mean reed man. The determined force he displays is unrelenting and his punchy swing is utterly exhilarating. James Williams could hardly have been a better choice to play with Abate, and that is not to say that Harvie S and Billy Hart are not required to contribute mightily. Checking him out one finds that the leader has always been careful to choose rhythm sections that can offer plenty of meat. Abate plays bop with an in-your-face assurance, and, frankly, it is nice to get back to the kind of Jazz that can bring out the occasional gruff growl of assent from the listener. One hears a bit of overdubbing here and there, but the music is by no means diminished. The entire album comprises Abate originals and it is worth whatever they are charging for it. Highly recommended.

by Lawrence Brazier

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