Tuck & Patti

Chocolate Moment

Through 33rd Street Records

Patti Cathcart, vocals; Tuck Andress, electric guitar

Husband and wife duo Tuck and Patti give us ten original tracks of sophisticated music, here for the first time on their own label. Patti's voice and Tuck's guitar offer us a CD full of wistful, delicate prose and smooth styling. Patti's voice, hinting at honeyed huskiness, has a slow-burn feel, whispering magnetically. Tuck, who studied classical guitar, shows complete mastery of the instrument; his lightly struck chords and embellishments flow with an easy poise. There is a complete harmonic intuitiveness between them; a compatibility enriched by perfect understanding. Should you need a master class on how to support a singer; listen to Tuck Andress. The songs are pensive, sometimes a sadness pervades; the events of the World Trade Centre are evident in the album. But the quality of this duo's work and long association shine through with comforting warmth. A quality CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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