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I spoke with Jazz Master Horace Silver, (the cover subject of the April 1993 edition of Jazz Now,) to see what he has been up to lately and found out that it has been plenty:

1. His auto biography is done and he is in search of a publisher.

2. He just completed a play and expects that will be on stage soon.

3. The Horace Silver Foundation, a non profit, is presenting a college scholarship fund show at the University of Southern California on November 16, 2003. A $10,000 scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student.

Bruni Sablan

The artist Bruni Sablan, who has been painting the Jazz Masters, has her painting of Chick Corea on the Vol. 7 Summer / Fall 2003 cover of Planet Jazz, the international Jazz review out of Canada. They did a wonderful spread on Bruni using many of her paintings and sketches. You can see more of her paintings and skecthes at: www.brunijazzart.com

by Haybert K. Houston

8th Darmstadt Jazzforum on improvisation in Jazz

25. - 28. September 2003

Everybody can improvise, everybody has to improvise, improvisation makes a human society possible. Only in jazz, though, improvisation became a veritable art form. The 2003 edition of the Darmstadt Jazzforum will take a look at the role of improvisation in jazz, its impact on other musics as well as the influence it had on other art forms and the example it can set for life in general. Invited are musicologists to analytically look at specific examples of jazz improvisation, sociologists to discuss the participatory ideas imbedded in improvisation, psychologists to reflect upon what happens between members of an improvising group (in music as well as in general life), economists to have a look at the example which could be taken from jazz for solutions to be made in higher management, but also musicians to question all of the above and share their own experiences with the musical phenomenon of improvisation.

Among the participants of the 8th Darmstadt Jazzforum are:

Christopher Dell, Larry Gushee (USA), Ekkehard Jost, Peter Kleiss, Joachim Kühn, George Lewis (USA), Thomas Miessgang, Bert Noglik, Martin Pfleiderer, Michael Rüsenberg, Paul Steinhardt, Peter Niklas Wilson and others. The papers are read in German or English, no simultaneous translation is provided.

The symposium from September 25th to 27th, 2003 is public and at free entry.

Three evening concerts will shed a practical view at the subject.

Programmed for concerts at the Darmstadt venues Centralstation and Kulturzentrum Bessunger Knabenschule are:

Friday, 26. September, Centralstation:

Eric Boeren Quartet with Michael Moore, Wilbert de Joode, Paul Lovens, Joachim Kühn Trio with Jean-Paul Celea, Wolfgang Reisinger

Saturday, 27. September, Centralstation:

Italian Instabile Orchestra

Sunday, 28. September, Kulturzentrum Bessunger Knabenschule

Matthew Shipp Trio with William Parker, Gerald Cleaver


About the Darmstadt Jazzforum:

The Darmstadt Jazzforum is a unique blend of scholarly conference and festival organized every other year by the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt, Europe's largest public jazz archive and highly regarded research center. The world's only regular jazz conference centers around specific subjects which are discussed at length during the three day symposium at Darmstadt's Literaturhaus (fittingly situated in the former John-F.-Kennedy-Haus) by scholars from different fields: musicologists, sociologists, psychologists, literary critics, journalists as well as musicians, who regularly participate themselves to give their view of the subjects under discussion. Former conferences centered around subjects such as "Jazz and Composition", "Jazz and Language", "Jazz in Europe", "Jazz in Germany", "Duke Ellington and what followed", "Jazz and Society".

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