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Xeno Feel Records XCD 001

Eric Golub, viola and many more instruments; Bill Douglas, double bass; Ian Dogole, dumbek, global drumkit, talking drum.

Eric Golub, playing mostly viola, and throughout the rest of the CD a battery of other instruments, sketches a wide range of interesting sounds on his opening track, "Sultan Avenue". Helped by his like-minded associates, Bill Douglas on bass and Ian Dogole on drums, you are made to listen differently because we have only a viola, a bass, and a dumbek ( an hour glass shaped hand drum found throughout the Arab world). "Roaming And Climbing" continues the improvisational spontaneity; this has a seductive, earthy feel, and an engaging rhythmic quality. In both of these tracks the viola is often played by holding it like a guitar.

"Biola Dance", arranged by Golub is a traditional Indonesian dance from West Java; improvising on four different instruments, a viola, Japanese three stringed fiddle, electric viola and a five string electric violin. He invokes haunting sounds, and draws on many threads of world music as it swings from solid raucousness to wistful interludes and a swirling finish. "Up On The Lookout", Golub makes his viola stretch and wail plaintively; the sounds will mean different things to different people; my daughter in another room thought she was hearing Whales. "Dark Star", another Golub arrangement is taken from "The Grateful Dead", the mind expansion rock cult band. A Jazzier piece with an uncertain edge, it evokes the vibes of a Grateful Dead concert in 1971. This is a CD for those who like new sounds and enjoy the challenge. Eric Golub is not afraid to take you there.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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Jazz Now Interactive June 2004 Vol 14 No. 2 - Table of Contents

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