Midiri Brothers Sextet

Jammin' at Bridgewater


Joe Midiri, clarinet; Paul Midiri, vibraphone; Pat Murcuri, guitar; Dan Tobias, Trumpet; Garry Cattley, bass; Jim Lawlor, drums; Joe Holt, piano (track 9).

The excellent Midiri Brothers Sextet live at Bridgewater, NJ; led by the fine clarinet playing of Joe Midiri. A swinging and inventive clarinet player, he leads the opening track, "Love Me Or Leave Me", with vibrant panache; this number gives all the soloists a chance to stretch out. Dan Tobias on trumpet growls and expresses warmly, Paul Midiri caresses the vibraphone, Pat Murcuri on guitar and Gary Cattley on bass have minor offerings. "Shine", and "Stomping At The Savoy", show how well they all jam together. The wonderful Eubie Blake's "Memories Of You", gives the heart a tug after the rich clarinet opening and sympathetic solos from vibraphone and trumpet. "Breakfast Feud", the Goodman Sextet number gallops along with a lively swing, "East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon)", brings out the delicate guitar of Pat Murcuri; in "Limehouse Blues", clarinet and vibraphone joust at pace, "If I Had You", is another reflective number that this sextet has just the touch for. "You Took Advantage Of Me", from Rodgers and Hart, closes the set with Joe Holt as a guest on piano. This group is light, relaxed, good natured, swinging, crowd pleasing, well balanced, all of which adds up to great listening!

by Ferdinand Maylin

Jazz Now Interactive June 2004 Vol 14 No. 2 - Table of Contents

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