Erin Bode

Don't Take Your Time

MaxJazz MXJ 118

Erin Bode, vocals; Bruce Barth, piano and Fender Rhodes; Larry Grenadier, bass; Montez Coleman, drums; Steve Nelson, vibes; Adam Rogers, electric and acoustic guitar; Meg Okura, violin; Adam Maness, piano; Sydney Rodway, tenor saxophone; Jerry Barnes, background vocals

It would be hard to categorize classically-trained, St. Louis native Erin Bode as strictly a Jazz vocalist. In fact, Bode resists such categorization, her interpretative style owing much to singer Eva Cassidy, one of her main creative influences.

What we find on Bode's new release, Dont Take Your Time, are fresh and engaging interpretations of songs she loves, songs delivered with an impeccable voice, superb arrangements, backed by a fine band, and borrowed from the songbooks of artists as varied as Bob Dylan, Bill Monroe, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Wonder, Lennon/McCartney, Gershwin, Loesser and Irving Berlin.

The title track, her own Don't Take Your Time, was co-written with pianist Adam Maness. Bode plans to include more of her own compositions on her next release. This is her first CD on the classy MaxJazz label, her second CD after her own self-produced Requests, and I'm sure we'll be hearing more from this talented young vocalist.

by Linda Goshay