Altered State

Heads Up - HUCD 3097

Bob Mintzer, tenor, soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, EWI; Russell Ferrante, acoustic piano, electric piano, keyboards; Jimmy Haslip, electric bass; Marcus Baylor, drums; with vocalists Jean Baylor, Sharon Perry, Lori Perry, Carolyn Perry, Darlene Perry, and percussionist Mike Shapiro

On their newest CD, Altered State, the group Yellowjackets invite us to join them in "another place, an altered state of consciousness that differs dramatically from the everyday experience."

The 11 tracks on Altered State amply demonstrate the group's superior musicianship, strong compositional skills and adventurous jams. Also of note is the CD cover art designed by pop artist Peter Max, which complements the music beautifully. The album has its high moments, most notably on "Hunter's Point" and "Mother Earth," and the vocals on "The Hope;" however diehard Yellowjackets fans might prefer some of their earlier, edgier works.

by Linda Goshay