Dave Gelly, et al
Masters of Jazz Saxophone
Miller Freeman Books - ISBN: 0-87930-622-X

This beautifully produced book gives enormous coverage to many saxophonists who have achieved fame whilst playing Jazz. The index will show the large majority of important players on soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophones.

The sixteen individual writers who deal with varying aspects of the subject mostly emanate from the UK - which might lead you to suppose there is a complete coverage of British players - but this is not necessarily so! As with any work of length and detail there are inevitably important omissions. Among the more glaring ones, are tommy whittle, Bob Efford, Don Weller, Ronnie Ross, war-time players Aubrey Frank and Freddy Garner as well as newcomers Ben Castle and Matt Wates who are both spellbinding players, all from the British Isles. Some of the US players not mentioned are Eric Alexander, Pete Christlieb, Don Menza, Jack Montrose, Bob Gordon and the eloquent Gary Foster.

Despite these exclusions, the amount of information, photographs and recommended listening, makes this handsomely produced book a worthwhile artifact for saxophonists, Jazz historians and general followers of the whole Jazz art.

by Al Merritt, Jazz Now's London, UK Editor

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