Carla Cook
Dem Bones
MaxJazz MXJ 111

Carla Cook, vocal; Cyrus Chestnut, piano; James Genus, bass; Billy Kilson, drums; and on selected tracks; Fred Wesley, Craig Harris, Tyrone Jefferson, trombone; Jeffrey Haynes, percussions

Carla is a highly experienced singer who sounds comfortable with the high class instrumental backing she is given on this CD. The wide range of songs certainly shows her versatility, although I would have preferred "Ode to Billy Joe" and "Someone to Light Up My Life" to have been exchanged for more Jazz-inclined tunes.

Cyrus and the rhythm team are tight and ideal throughout with the trombone, used singularly or as a choir, making a great backing sound - but the adventurous solos on "Dem Bones" are a little too strong for my taste.

This is a worthwhile effort from Carla and her buddies which may suit ears less concerned with total Jazz commitment.

by Al Merritt, Jazz Now's London, UK Editor

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