Tom Quarrington
One Bright Morning
Cordova Bay CBR 0192

(1) Tom Quarrington, guitar; irk McDonald, tenor sax; Bernie Senesky, piano; Kieran Overs, bass; Barry Elems, drums

(2) Tom Quarrington, guitar; Shawn Nywist, tenor sax; Brian Dickinson, piano; Kieran Overs, bass; Barry Elems, drums

Today more than ever the Canadian Jazz Fraternity seems to be a good source for rising talent. New to my ears, Tom is a swinging guitarist who occasionally shows his allegiance to the great Django Rheinhardt during his solo work. Tom has surrounded himself with two separate teams of musicians who play with excitement and panache. The sessions are mostly loose and informal and of interest to the listener less inclined to study every nuance of performance.

by Al Merritt, Jazz Now's London, UK Editor

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