Wesla Whitfield
The Songs of Jimmy McHugh - Let's Get Lost
High Note - HCD 7065

Wesla Whitfield, vocal; Mike Greensill, piano; Ken Peplowski, clarinet, tenor sax; Gary Foster, flute, clarinet, tenor sax; Michael Moore, bass; Joe La Barbera, drums

Wesla has joined forces here with pianist Greensill and four leading Jazz musicians. Michael Moore is a classy bassist and Joe La Barbera makes his every effort a tasteful and outstanding one. Along with the rhythm team come two veritable stars from the saxophone world, the ebullient Ken Peplowski and the eloquent Gary Foster, who both play with grace and style.

Wesla, I have to say, is not totally a Jazz singer - she has a good academic singing voice, but one feels that her interpretations are too straight and lack warmth.

This disc still needs to be heard to test your own judgment as to whether it is a winning combination.

by Al Merritt, Jazz Now's London UK Editor

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