Beatle Jazz

A Bite of the Apple

Zebra Acoustic ZA 44410-2

Brian Melvin, drums; Dave Kikoski, piano; Charles Fambrough, bass

These three guys prove their Jazz credentials on this Beatles material right from the first track, "Junk" - which must be little known and, as the pop scene will have it, simply too melodic to have been a hit.

Melvin, who has worked with Jaco Pastorius, is positively heroic in his avoidance of the monotony of rock drumming. Kikoski hammers at "Come Together," as the number demands, but still manages to lift the piece with some fine chords. One notes that the pianist has also been around, playing with everyone from Roy Haynes to you name it and he's been there. Fambrough has played with the best Jazz musicians around (Marsalis, et al) and you can hear his class throughout.

The trio swings happily on "It's Only Love" (track 3). They romp wonderfully on "Eleanor Rigby," one Beatles tune that simply begs for extended improvisation; and they do it proud. This has to be one of the best covers of Beatles music around. Three accomplished musicians, all showing what can be done with music not generally associated with Jazz.

Recommended to listeners who have moved on to somethin' else.

by Lawrence Brazier

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