Ben Wolfe

Murray's Cadillac

Amosaya Music AM 22202 CD

21 various original compositions, all arranged and composed by Ben Wolfe.

Ben Wolfe, bass, piano; Ned Gould,tenor saxophone; Joe Magnarelli, trumpet flügelhorn; Rob Scheps, baritone saxophone, flute and bass clarinet; Steve Christofferson, piano; Ron Steen, drums, vibraslap; Dan Faehnie, guitar; Pansy Chang, cello; Janet Chvatal, soprano; Jof Lee, piano; Thara Memory, trumpet; Phil Baker, bass; Ed Bennett, vibraslap

Ben Wolfe has become known through his appearances with Harry Connick which has undoubtedly given Ben the opportunity to commit to CD this very original chamber Jazz which has written largely for films. The style of music conjures up the Miles Davis / Gerry Mulligan collaborations that occurred in New York in 1949.

The recording was done in one room, which gives the playing a natural sound, even making it seem as though it was recorded in the 1950's. It has a warm feeling which is a plus factor for me.

The musicians are all mature players, often producing eloquent solos and at the same time keeping the light and shade under control. This group is no doubt representative of the many pockets of Jazz hidden away from the hard grind of commerciality in many towns and cities, where the musicians play together without the pressure of pleasing an audience. It harks back to a time when the musicians controlled the recording level, which takes subtle ability and more sensitivity.

I like it for its naturalness, others may also.

Al Merritt

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