Clayton - Hamilton Jazz Orchestra

Shout Me Out

Fable/Lightyear 54395-2

John Clayton Jr., arco (bowed) bass; Jeff Hamilton, drums; Jeff Clayton, lead alto sax/flute/oboe/piccolo; Bijon Watson, lead trumpet; Eugene "Snooky" Young, trumpet; Oscar Brashear, trumpet; Clay Jenkins, trumpet; Bobby Rodriguez, trumpet; Ira Nepus, lead trombone; George Bohanon, trombone; Isaac Smith, trombone; Maurice Smith, bass trombone; Keith Fiddmont, alto sax, clarinet; Rickey Woodard, tenor sax, clarinet; Charles Owens, tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet; Lee Callet, baritone sax, bass clarinet; Bill Cunliffe, piano; Christoph Luty, bass; Jim Hershman, guitar.

The Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra have been around for more than fifteen years, and long may they continue. From the very first track, "Shout Me Out" - a slow number - the soloists expose their feelings with the warmth of their playing. "Yellow Flowers After" sports a sweet oboe from Jeff Clayton, which is equally matched by Clay Jenkins on trumpet - a mystically engaging offering; if you are of a sensitive nature it could induce a tear. "Day By Day" has the tenor sax of Rickey Woodard wading in gallantly against everyone else and "Nice To Meet You" swings briskly with crisp solos. They are particularly good with the slower sensitive numbers - a good deal of passion and clever shaping; "Barbara's Rose" is another fine example. "I Want A Little Girl" has a joyfulness about it. The soloists speak with their own voice throughout in what appears to be a club atmosphere, and you feel they really are enjoying what they are doing. The arranging gives it all a special character - having an individual signature that is at once simple, direct, uncomplicated and thoroughly engaging. This CD would be a great present for a good friend.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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