Doug Kinloch

Minor Crisis

Fie Records FIECD1

Doug Kinloch, guitars, bass on tracks 5, 9; Greg Leppard, drums and percussion; Neil Cowley, keyboards; Russell Milton, bass on tracks 2, 3, 4, 6; Mike Mondesir, bass on tracks 1, 7, 8.

Doug Kinloch is determined to give nothing away - his liner offers a black void inside, dark skies and gloomy water to gaze into on the outside. No mention of what he stands for, where he is at, or even his spiritual leanings - normally an irresistable prequisite of all Jazz musicians. With a rising hint of melancholy we listen. Well yes, his music has an edgy, nervous moodiness to it, the harmonic mix does encourage a tendency to broodiness. A strong, driving, rhythmic pulse is ever present; smart drumming from Greg Leppard who seems to like using the cymbal a lot. As a group they play tight and together. There is quite a lot of electronic funkiness in the upbeat numbers - which most of them are. "Blue Six" is a good track and a fine example of their style. "Wednesday's Child", a fine number and the only one to take a more relaxed attitude - good laid back playing from guitar and keyboard; gives time to take stock - sigh a little (it's that kind of music). The last track "99 Won't Go", offers a feel of menance and is even a bit scary - maybe the liner is about right.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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