Dave Mosick Trio


Synectic Music 3180001

Dave Mosick, guitar; Eric Harper, bass; John Greeley, drums.

Feeling a bit down? Need a lift? No, don't slip something into a glass - slip on this CD. This Long Islander and his guitar are the perfect pick-me-up. Immediately things are cool - the sound is beautiful, the style clear and delightful. His execution is an example to all young guitarists; plus there's a sensitive demonstration from Eric Harper on bass and John Greeley on drums in the art of really supporting a soloist. There are no outstanding pieces - they are all good; Mosick wrote six of the ten tracks, ranging through such stuff as the standard "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise", improvisational pieces, modal blues, Jazz waltz, and upbeat tracks. Inventive and far reaching, it is a good selection. So comfortable and assured he seems with his instrument, it would not surprise me if he were on chatting terms with it. If you like solo guitar, this CD will give you pleasure.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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