Gilberto Gil

O Sol de Oslo

BJAC 5031-2

Gilberto Gil, guitar, vocals; Rodolfo Stroeter, acoustic and electric bass; Trilok Gurtu, percussion; Bugge Wesseltoft, piano; Marlui Miranda, vocals; Toninho Ferragutti, accordion.

Gilberto Gil has been around a long time and his fine light voice excels with this selection of splendid melodies; up-market pop with deeper world influences - Trilok Gurtu on tablas hails from Bombay. Gil is ably supported vocally by Marlui Miranda, who in true Latin style manages to sound vulnerable, enticing and emotionally unsettling all at the same time; all of the tracks on which she contributes are hypnotic.

The musicians provide lively, crisp instrumental exchanges that project fun; there is a mixture of acoustic and electric sounds. In the interests of research your reviewer attempted to sing along to the words generously provided in the liner notes. Exuberant art work, however, obscures most of them and Portuguese might not be the best language for starting a singing career.

If you like music from Brazil, this will not disappoint. The melodies are engaging - often moving and strangely beautiful; it's worth having.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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