Herbie Mann - Peace PiecesHerbie Mann

PEACE PIECES The Music of Bill Evans

KOKO 1306

Herbie Mann, flutes; Bruce Dunlap, guitar; Eddie Gomez, Paul Socolow, bass; Louis Nash, Ricky Sebastian, drums; Randy Brecker, flugelhorn; Sammy Figueroa, percussion

Herbie is one fluent flautist and this material certainly seems to have prompted him to bring some his best work to the mic. There is no way to actually reproduce the music of Evans. That kind of romantic tragedy would seem silly and, besides, there is no piano here. The guys keep it fairly light and attempt no copycatting. Mann does get a little whimsical on "Turn Out The Stars" and guitarist Dunlap gets close to weepy, then redeems the affair wonderfully on "We Will Meet Again" in his lovely, incentive backdrop for Mann's solo, and he keeps it up in support of Randy Brecker on flugelhorn (and what a lovely change that is). It makes a lot of sense to do the Bill Evans book when you have Eddie Gomez available, and the bassist is there, often discreet - but inimitable on "Waltz For Debby," with Mann laying down the melody, grooving into improvisation and leading Gomez into his solo. The title track, "Peace Piece," is just that. Dunlap again picks the mood, probably coming closer than anyone to the real feeling of Evans. This is a lovely set, and Herbie Mann has made one of his best recordings. It should be in everyone's collection.

by Lawrence Brazier

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