Jeff Lorber


Zebra ZD 44013-2

Jeff Lorber, guitar, keyboards; Michael Landau, guitar;, Buzz Feiten; guitar; Stuart Wylen, guitar; Nathanial Philips, bass; John Robinson, drums; Paulinho da Costa, percussion; Urs Weisendanger, keyboard; Chelsea, vocals; Robin Dixon, vocals; Gary Meek, flute.

Each track has a different set up regarding instrumentation; it is very electronic and very smooth Jazz. Everything wahs and growls along with consummate ease - helped by a mostly solid, pulsing groove. There are some tricky flights of fancy on the keyboards - Lorber has always favored the Fender Rhodes and Hammond B-3 which he uses to good effect - he is often listed as 'all other instruments'. It's all very upbeat and ideal to dance to if what you seek is distraction. "Watching The Sun Set" has a less relentless groove and an attractive sound with its smooth keyboard style. "The Wild East" integrates the flute playing of Gary Meek with some decent twangy and quicksilver sounds. "Perugia" and "Feelin' It" has Lorber flexing a variety of instruments in commanding style; no track particularly projects from this CD, but it does amount to good playing from a seasoned performer with solid back-up.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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