Jason Miles - Mr. XJason Miles

Mr. X

Lightyear 54170-2

Jason Miles, music and arrangement, piano, organ, keyboards and programming; various groups

One should hasten to add that the various groups include such names as Michael Brecker, Herbie Mann, Marcus Miller, Janis Segal, Grover Washington Jr., and plenty more deserving, perhaps, better publicity. Brilliant studio work. Lots of funk and move-along sounds performed by a bunch of pros. Sort of disco interlude music, in part. Could be music to back a film hero who is off to meet his girlfriend after outthinking the local gangland boss, down Florida way. We switched to "Topanga Tango" (track 4) to catch Mike Brecker's solo - which bears no relationship to the solid Jazz the tenor saxophonist has been putting out lately. "Prophecy" (track 11) kicks off with an interesting tabla-like intro, which does not subsequently get to go anywhere. There you are, then, a fine collection of musicians, excellently played numbers. For fans into easy listening.

by Lawrence Brazier

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