Kim Pensyl - At the MomentKim Pensyl

At the Moment

Fable/Lightyear 54473-2

Kim Pensyl, trumpet; Bob Shepard, sax; Joey Calderazzo, piano; Chuck Bergeron, bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums; John Fedchock, trombone, tracks 4,7,10.

A word on CD liners; sometimes they offer nothing, sometimes they burden you with so much information (as this one does) you are left pale and reeling - feeling you have intruded into a paper prepared for a seminar of eminent musical educationalists. I do wish we could be left to make our own minds up. What we have here is an erudite, classy, intelligently musical group that plays straight-ahead Jazz. They bring to life works that are not in themselves overly distinctive, but the playing is full of energy and dynamic interest. Kim Pensyl has made a name for himself on keyboard, but here returns to his first instrument, the trumpet, with some panache; one wonders why he waited so long. From the very first track "Crossed Up", all is bright and positive, with Joey Calderazzo on piano and Bob Shepard on sax establishing themselves with quality solos. Pensyl plays trumpet with an assured touch, his muted playing in "Miles' Lament" is not to be missed as he exposes his heart; good exchanges with the piano as well, a warm flowing piece. All numbers are written by Pensyl and chart a path through the inspiration and influence he feels has guided him. The CD is rounded off by a sensitive ballad written for his wife. Play the CD before you read the liner.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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