Lea Delaria

Play It Cool

Warner Bros 9 47993-2

The Ballad of Sweeney Todd; I've Got Your Number; With Every Breath I Take; All That Jazz; Life has been Good to Me; Welcome to My Party; Lowdown-Down; Once in a Lifetime; Losing My Mind; Straight to the Top;

Lea Delaria, vocals; Larry Goldings, Brad Mehldau, piano; Gil Goldstein, p/acc; Larry Grenadier, bass; Greg Hutchinson, drums; Howard Allden, guitar; Scott Wendholt, Jon Gordon, Seamus Blake, Keith O'Quin, Bob Stewart, Tom Varner, Vincent Herring, Roger Rosenberg, Scott Robinson, horns

Although this recording is well endowed with Jazz oerformances and some of the brightest instrumental talent, the vocalising of Lea seems to be apart from hard-core Jazz. She has a quality of voices that lends itself to the show-biz sideof entertainment, with a "drinking club" attitude thrown in on occasion. The big band tracks are exciting with the saxophonists taking most of the solo spots, but both keyboard players are vital to the performances and with the excellent rhythm section makes the whole CD groove.

By Al Merritt

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