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Lightyear - 54171-2

Louie Shelton, guitar, keyboards; Chad Wackerman, David Jones, Calvin Welch, Ric McCann Kerry Buchanan, drums; Sunil da Silva, David Jones, percussion; Matt Shelton, additional drum programming; Leon Gaer, Craig Calhoun, bass; Larry Muhoberac, Sam McNally (and synths), David Fennell, Christopher Bogan, keyboards; Brendan St ledger, B3; Andrew Oh, sax; Abigail, vocals

Louie Shelton is an industry essential. One of the select crowd who get called in to provide "music" on what would otherwise be relegated to the B sides of pop. It is the likes of Shelton who actually make popular music viable. The drummer in pop/rock music has a thankless task, and the rock beat is all that is allowed, generally, on this CD. Everyone else is allowed to make their mark, and Shelton shines. One would wish for a solo CD - Shelton running through the standards book, perhaps. This CD is fairly easy listened. The occasional riff livening things up. The list of personalities aided and lifted by Shelton is remarkable. Buy the CD and see, listed in the liner notes, the stars Shelton has backed.

by Lawrence Brazier

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