The Recline

Telarc CD-83564

Bard Turner, trumpet/keyboards; Mike Murley, saxophones; Chris tarry, fretless bass; Ian Froman, drums; Guests: John Scofield, guitar; Mino Cinelu, percussion; DJ Logic, turntables

It don't get much more slinky than this. The musicians here have got it all down to perfection. Cook, cook, and cook again is what they do best. Utterly compulsive rhythm, the drums and percussion cats should get knighted by Her Royal Majesty. This is the sort of music that could lift poor old Britain out of its demise. There is a gorgeous swirl and funk from the keyboards, the sax seems doubled, but none the worse for that. Scofield is Scofield. No need to tell people about the genius of the man. Even the appalling abuse apparently done to records by the DJ doesn't worry us (too much). Straight bop, or post-bop, if you like, starts to creep in and the guys get to swing in the customary way. "Lemming" (track 7) really does have a sort of 'come on chaps, over we go' feeling to it. They all go out marvelously on "Pressure", but no sweat, although this is a fine record for fans who wish to move their backsides away from their computers. Recommended ­ andMino Cinelu for King.

by Lawrence Brazier

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