Pierre Bensusan and Didier Malherbe - Live in ParisPierre Bensusan & Didier Malherbe


Zebra Acoustic ZA 44401 - 2

Pierre Bensusan, electric/acoustic guitar and vocal; Didier Malherbe, flute, soprano sax, bamboo flute (bansouri), ocarina, Armenian doudouk, alto sax, clarinet.

The stylish opening track "Fetish" plays well to the strengths of Bensusans acoustic guitar and Malherbe's flute. Between them they create haunting flights of fantasy, collaborating well; live recordings always seem to have an advantageous edge over the studio - this CD, recorded at the New Morning in Paris, sparkles with 'liveness'. Malherbe plays a range of instruments with assurance and delicate dexterity. Together they create sharp interchanges and soft pastel episodes in an original style. There is not much Jazz in their free, elaborate mixture - it is World Music and all-embracing. Frenchman Bensusan - born in Algeria - is influenced by Celtic folk tradition and his North African roots. This is a fascinating and melodically satisfying CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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