Rob Mullins - Dance for the New WorldRob Mullins

Dance For The New World

Zebra Records ZD 44006-2

Rob Mullins, piano, Rhodes, keyboards, rhythm section instruments, percussion; with various groups of musicians and vocalists.

You get the drum thing that gives the beat like it is supposed to do. The rock drum, I mean. Once more into the breach of up-beat sounds, everything moves smartly. No messing. The occasional solo is Jazz-inflected, but no great lengths are attempted in improvisation. There is a lot of middle-of-the-road pleasantness. This material is another of the type of film-music persuasion that could find an audience with the easy listeners. Mullins plays some good piano, and he could surely find a place within a more adventurous musical landscape. The mood changes abruptly with "Intro to Dance for the New World" (track 6), and we are suddenly all serious. The rhythm stuff, however, is not to be denied, and off we go again. Couldn't wait to hear "Planet Mullins" (track 11), which turned out to be mostly chat 'n rap. Perhaps Zebra Records, in their infinite wisdom, could nudge Rob into doing a proper Jazz album. We could be in for a surprise.

by Lawrence Brazier

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