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Zebra ZD 44018-2

Michael White, drums; Brian Simpson, keyboards; Dwayne "Smitty" Smith, bass; Rob Smith, guitar; Maysa Leak, vocals; Alex Brown, vocals; Bridgette Bryant Fiddmont, vocals.

We kick off with "Tuesdays Love", a light, pleasant upbeat mix between keyboard and guitar, which is the general genre of this CD. The group is technically well versed and combines well with a busy and effective percussion. "Fantasy" has an extra bite about it - a good voice from Maysa Leak, beefed up with a brass backing, makes this a solid and lively number. "Take Me Away" has a laid-back keyboard and smoky vocals - "The First Time" is another track enhanced by vocals and a free flowing keyboard - a nice finish. Some of the tracks, while wholly competent, do not rise much above the ordinary; but on the whole this is an entertaining CD of smooth Jazz that does not get itself too worked up or make any attempt to live dangerously.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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