The Sheryl Bailey 3

The Power of 3

PrueMusic records

Sheryl Bailey, guitar; Gary Versace, Hammond b3 organ; Ian Froman, drums

The guitarist and organist combination certainly share a dynamic chemistry. Though the years, one can recall Wes Montgomery and Jimmy Smith, or Grant Green and Larry Young.

Now we have the opportunity to witness Sheryl Bailey with her sophomore release album "The Power of 3".

Ms Bailey should win over some new fans, as she did judges at the Thelonious Monk Jazz competition for guitar held in our nation capital.

Bailey won third place in a very competitive field. Ms Bailey who is also a graduate of Berkeley College of music. She has penned some spirited funky tunes for this outing.

The opening track gives you a good insight as the kind of Performances you're about to encounter, very much in the favorite of a soulful strut.

One of the album's longer tracks "Until You Return To Me" Has a gentle finger picking that reminds one of Grant Green.

I hope this ensemble has the opportunity to stay together to develop the instinctive reactions all great trios have.

The Jazz world has a lot to forward to from someone who possesses such remarkable talent. Don't pass up this one.

by Richton Guy Thomas

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