Eugene Maslov

The Fuse Is Lit

MAC 1006

Eugene Maslov, piano; Boris Kozlov, bass; Vinnie Colaiuta, drums; Hubert Laws, flute; Pete Christlieb, tenor sax; Joe LaBarbera, drums.

Russian born pianist Eugene Maslov powers away with nine tracks, six of which are his own. A forcing pianist, who likes to get on with it, also displays excellent timing and an innate ability for the pulse of a tune. With Vinnie Colaiuta on drums for five of the tracks, Joe LoBarbera for two and Boris Kozlov on bass throughout. They are joined on three tracks by Hubert Laws, whose sensitive flute playing on "Dream Of Dreams" is also melodically beautiful. In "Guru" the flute is joined by the tenor saxophone of Pete Christlieb, who offers greater color and a fine balance. "The Witch (Baba Yaga)" demonstrates Eugene at his powerful best, a moody, dominating piece played at pace. "Entente" is the best piece for the whole ensemble; every one gets the chance to stretch, with Eugene flashing over the keyboard. A solo performance at the end with "One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)" displays the man at a slower tempo to round off the set. A full bodied and often exciting piano player; for those who like the piano, this should not be missed.

by Ferdinand Maylin


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