Jon Hartmann

3 If By Air

featuring :- Brandon Fields, saxes; Walt Fowler, trumpet and fluglehorn; Jon Hartmann, keyboards,percussion; Ron Hershewe, guitar; John Pena/Lynn Woolever, bass; Michael Rosen, drums,percussion,harmonica. Recorded 1998

(JHM 1001-2)

The Tenth House

featuring :- Jon Hartmann, keyboard; Dave Price, tenor sax; Larry Williams, trumpet; Ron Hershewe, guitars; Eldad Tarmu, vibraphone; Lynn Woolever/Armando Compean, bass; Michael Rosen/Frank Briggs, drums. Recorded .2003

(JHM 1002-2)

Hartman has produced all the music on these two CD's and deserves praise for his perseverance. All of the tunes are his compositions played in a Jazz Fusion style, not unlike the Brecker Brothers.

The musicians are all excellent but the nature of the Jazz style gives most solo opportunities to the horn players, guitarist Hershawe and vibist Tarmu, leaving the rhythm section to lay down the rather faceless backing. Infact, the constant use of Jazz-Rock rhythms and the lack of a distinctive melody is a major defect in the final result. Hartman has clearly applied considerable effort and thought to these projects but the resultant sound is not likely to please the more conservative listeners.

by Al Merritt

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