Mark Winkler

Sings Bobby Troup

Rhombos Records RHO 7029

The tunes are: Hungry Man; You're Looking At Me; Three Bears; Lemon Twist; Meaning Of The Blues; Route 66; Baby,Baby All The Time; Walkin' Shoes; Learn To Love; One October Morning; Girl Talk; A Young Man Is Gone; Two Guys From The Coast. (46:29)

Collective Personnel :- John Mayer (p); Anthony Wilson (g); Bob Sheppard (ts); Roy McCurdy (d); Kevin Axt (b) Joe Bagg (org,p); Mark Ferber (d)

This is a tribute to the late Bobby Troup by a young musician who is clearly quite comfortable performing in the late-night supper club situation. Mark sings twelve of Troup's more familiar compositions, including his collaborations with three Jazz stars, Gerry Mulligan (Walking Shoes), Matt Dennis (Learn To Love) and Neal Hefti (Girl Talk) plus a song (Baby Baby all the time) that Buddy Rich sang with his first big band back in 1946.

Mark has surrounded himself with talented musicians which has enabled him to put together an entertaining program of songs, ending with his own tribute to Mr Troup "Two Guys From The Coast". Take particular note of the meaningful words.

Recommended for late-night listening,

by Al Merritt

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