Candido & Graciela


Chesky JD 249

Graciela, vocals; Candido Camero, congas; Sonny Bravo, piano; Eddie Perales, flute; Frederico Britos Ruiz, violin; Andy Gonzales, bass; Nelson Gonzales, tres; Manny Oquendo, percussion; Joseph Gonzalez, Jorge Maldonado, back-up vocals; Xiomara Laugart, vocals

Latin legends Candido and Graciela have known each other for over sixty years; so when eighty eight year old Graciela was asked by conga master Candido Camero, a mere spring-chicken at eighty two, to cut the rug, how could she refuse? Graciela was the lead vocalist for Machito and his Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra from 1943 into the seventies. Today her voice is still strong, emotive and warm. "Tu Mi Delirio" and "La Vida Es Un Sueno" are good examples. The band is very lively; the flute of Eddie Perales and the violin of Frederico Britos Ruiz are particularly outstanding, and Candido Camero certainly knows how to project the unique sound of the conga drums. I single out "Desvelo" for its spirit and sharp interjections from flute and violin. "Inolvidable", by the way, means "Unforgettable". There is a lot on this excellent CD to regard that as meaningful. I should be interested to hear if they get together again when they are in their nineties, and to hear how well they have matured, but, no need to wait, buy this CD now.

by Ferdinand Maylin

Jazz Now Interactive July 2004 Vol 14 No. 3 - Table of Contents