Roland Guerin

Groove, Swing & Harmony

True Entertainment TE0001

Roland Guerin, bass; Wes Anderson, alto saxophone; Brice Winston, alto and tenor saxophones; Mike Esneault, piano; Jason Marsalis, drums; James Alsanders, drums; Troy Davis, drums

Bass player Roland Guerin in search of personal development, starts, and finishes with Ray Noble's piece, "Cherokee 'Long'", a fun solo effort on bass; then rounds the set off with "Cherokee 'Short'".. He vocalizes on "Growing", with Brice Winston putting in a strong solo on tenor saxophone; Winston again figures on "When It's Time, It's Time", with a change to alto for some good, fresh playing. Jason Marsalis is the first of the three drummers featured on this CD, Mike Esneault strokes a firm piano in "People Make The World Go Round", which marks some good sounds between piano and bass, excellent harmonic and melodic playing. Wayne Shorter's "Fall" introduces our second drummer, James Aslanders, to back the piano and bass, and there is some thoughtful, inward playing to enjoy. On "My Romance", Guerin changes his bass to create a beautiful sound with this Rodgers and Hart number. The third drummer, Troy Davis, keeps a firm drive with "Can't Hide Love" and "Deep Sleep", written by pianist Mike Esneault, is a relaxed meander for the piano, with the Guerin's bass staying in close touch, in fact the bass and the piano are the only two constants in this CD, combining well and creating a sensation of relaxation and depth. Guerin plays a thoughtful and lively bass with a full sound; and indeed, like the CD, full of good Jazz.

by Ferdinand Maylin

Jazz Now Interactive July 2004 Vol 14 No. 3 - Table of Contents