Sean Jones

Eternal Journey

Mack Avenue Records MAC1016

Sean Jones, trumpet; Tia Fuller, soprano and alto saxophones, flute; Mulgrew Miller, piano; Charles Farnbrough, bass; Ralph Peterson, drums

This is a recording debut for 25-year-old trumpeter Sean Jones, who opens the set in lively fashion with, "Gullyism", written by Tia Fuller, the other horn player on the set, playing saxophones and flute. Her other contribution is "Eternal Journey", notable for a well-marked and sensitive trumpet from Jones and enhanced by the melodic flute of Fuller. Jones also wrote five of the tracks, the first of these, "John", was a background theme to a dream; it has an introspective and floating quality. "The Serpent" engages a fractured approach from the experienced rhythm section, as a snake weaves around its prey. Jones produces a laid-back and melodically satisfying sound in the tracks, "You Are My Everything" and "God Bless The Child", the latter benefiting from coloring of immense stature from the piano of Mulgrew Miller. A fine reworked harmonization of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" allows the two horns to rub each other with interesting chords. The set ends with the piano of Miller and the trumpet of Jones caressing every emotional nuance out of "The Very Thought Of You", with a still, intense clarity that will make you sigh. Jones is a good, thinking trumpet player; his sound is melodic and beautiful. Fuller provides a well-balanced foil with her horn playing, Miller, as always, is splendid and the rhythm backing is perfect. This is good music.

by Ferdinand Maylin

Jazz Now Interactive July 2004 Vol 14 No. 3 - Table of Contents